Alpha Fund Management PLC


Alpha Fund Management PLC is a multi-disciplined investment house that specialises in managing land and property related assets. The Alpha Fund Management PLC management team has significant experience in the real estate market, an asset class that is renowned for its longer term value as well as the shorter term arbitrage potential that is delivered through volatility of market pricing.

Alpha Fund Management PLC is registered in the Cayman Islands. Alpha Fund Management PLC has a UK Based subsidiary called Alpha Property Portfolio Limited, which has offices in the South of England.

In recent years the UK property market has experienced significant corrections in value, made all the more severe as a result of the lack of funding offered by banks. These market conditions have allowed Alpha Fund Management PLC, as a value manager, to focus on seeking out investment opportunities, acquiring and incubating the assets for more prosperous times ahead. The Investment Management team of Alpha Fund Management PLC have been very successful with these objectives during the recent period of financial austerity and have continued to acquire potential development land sites and rental properties with a strong chance of delivering capital growth and income yield during and beyond market recovery.

These assets are held in the regulated mutual funds and special purpose vehicles that are management by the group. Alpha Fund Management PLC is a stakeholder in these real estate assets by virtue of the of the fact that it owns shares in the funds it manages and is therefore financially motivated to deliver long term capital growth for their shareholders.